The historical background:

At present, the exact date of invention of the thermometer is not possible to identify.Talk about: 1593 - 1603 years. In 1593 - 1603, Galileo Galilei worked on temperature measurement equipment which named like termoskop. Result of technological advances and introduction of modern technology was creation this exclusive product. This product connects the mysterious past of full groundbreaking discoveries with present high-technology.

Description of using:

Searching for exact temperature measurements the brilliant Galileo Galilei discovered this fascinating method. In liquid, a solid body with the same weight and size is compelled to go down as the temperature rises. On the other hand the solid body goes up in the liquid, if the temperature falls. The glass differ in weight and considering the density of the liquid you are guaranteed that the lowest of the floating balls in the upper part of the cylinder indicates the right temperature. The production of this instrument is extremely complicated. Each ball is calibrated to exactly 1/2 °C. Two glass balls differ in weight by only 6/100 of gram. The liquid in the cylinder is free of CF 2 gases, almost inflammable and neither poisonous nor does it cause any vapor or gas injurious to health. Avoid continuous direct sunshine.







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